Monitors (1080p, 1440p And 4k)

Monitors To Get: 1080p240hz 4k60hz Or 1440p144hz?

Monitors are one of the most confusing parts when you are looking to build a PC from scratch. After thorough research, I finally decided to get myself a monitor suitable for my needs. So I decided it would be a great idea to help our users in picking the right monitor for them.

Oftentimes, there is a lot of ongoing debate between higher quality monitors and higher refresh rate monitors. In this article, we are going to talk about three types of monitors i.e. 1080p240hz 4k60hz and 1440p144hz monitors.

To simply answer your question, a 1080p240hz monitor is perfect if you are a gamer, 4k60hz is ideal for creators, and 1440p144hz provides the best of both worlds. If you want to know more about how to pick the right monitor for you in detail, you should keep reading this article.

How are high refresh rate monitors good for gamers?

Monitors with higher refresh rate are generally good for gamers. Firstly, let us understand the refresh rate of a monitor. Refresh rate of a monitor is the amount of frames it is capable of displaying in a single second.

Let us learn more on this through an example: If your monitor displays 100 frames per second and your monitor can only output 60hz, you will only be seeing 60hz. A gamer can react quicker in a multiplayer title if they have a high refresh rate monitor.

Which in turn would greatly increase chances of winning in an eSports tournament or a casual match. Like I said in the beginning of this article, you should definitely be getting yourself a 1080p240hz monitor if you want to get the most FPS out of the titles you play.

Should content creators pick monitors based on higher pixel density?

This is true to some extent and I will explain why. Creators have to pick their monitor by looking at several different factors. These factors include colour accuracy, right contrast, balanced brightness and pixel density.

Generally, we recommend such users to opt for a 4k60hz monitor as most of these monitors are designed with keeping creators in mind.

These days, manufacturers are creating 4k monitors with higher refresh rates to attract both the creators and gamers.

If you can get 4k monitors with a higher refresh rate than 60hz, then go for it if it fits in your budget. As 4k monitors are comparatively more expensive than other monitors.

Which monitor fulfills different requirements of different users?

Let’s talk about the monitors which are higher than 1080p but are not as expensive as 4k ones.  If you guessed 1440p monitors, you are absolutely right.

1440p monitors have gained traction especially in the last 5-6 years. These monitors provide a combination of higher refresh rate monitors and greater pixel density.

They are the perfect monitors for creators as well as gamers due to the above mentioned features of 1440p monitors. They are a little more expensive than regular 1080p monitors and a lot more affordable compared to 4k monitors.

Thus, if you want to experience true high refresh rate gaming and do video editing at a different time, pick a good 1440p144hz monitor which fits in your budget and has all the other features which you need.


That’s it for this article about comparing different monitors. We tried to suggest the perfect monitor for users with varied needs. We also briefly compared 1080p240hz, 4k60hz and 1440p144hz monitors.

If this article helped you in any way to pick the right monitor for you, make sure to share this with your friends. A little appreciation keeps us motivated to bring more content like this for you.

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