About Us

Tech Emblem was created to help users find answers to some of the most important questions related to technology. We at Tech Emblem aim to bring quality information and insights for our users on a consistent basis. Founded by a small group of tech enthusiasts who aim to solve the user’s problems with a simple approach. Making difficult technical stuff simpler to understand for our users has been our aim from the get-go.

Our approach is quite simple, we do not use technical jargon to overcomplicate simple stuff. Instead we focus on simplifying some of the most complicated elements of technology so it can be easily understood by everyone. When you come across a software or a gadget for the first time, you do not need to know everything about it all at once. But as you get familiar with that software or device, you slowly start to understand it better. We aim to make that transition easier for everyone so that they can start with the technology first and keep learning about it as time progresses.

If you read through our posts and feel stuck at any point, feel free to reach out to us any time. You can contact us through various means like leaving comments and sending your queries through our Contact page.