What Is GeForce Now

What Is Nvidia GeForce Now? Should You Use It Yourself?

If you always wanted to play your favorite games but couldn’t do so because of your PC specs. For such users, cloud gaming is the perfect solution. Most of you will already know about cloud gaming.

Today, we will discuss Nvidia GeForce Now. Cloud gaming is a term used for online gaming which runs on a server. This server streams the game directly to your device. The only prerequisites for accessing cloud gaming are:-

  1. Cloud Gaming provider
  2. Good Internet service
  3. Device of Choice(PC, Android, etc.)

Now, I suppose you have the above mentioned things covered. We will now try to start with understanding, what cloud gaming is all about.

As the popularity of cloud gaming is increasing, different companies are providing their services to enthusiastic gamers. Some of the most popular ones are Google Stadia, Playstation Now and Project xCloud.

Today, we are going to talk about one such cloud gaming service which is provided by Nvidia called GeForce Now. We will answer some of the most sought out questions about this popular service. So, let’s begin:-

What is GeForce Now?

So, what exactly is GeForce Now? It is a cloud gaming service provided by Nvidia where you can stream your games from the Internet. You can choose the PC which will stream your game for you.

There are multiple servers provided so you can pick the one nearest to you. However, there is a slight difference between GeForce Now and it’s competitors.

It does not offer an included library of games bundled with GeForce Now. It links directly with your Steam, GOG, Origin, or other online store account for you to install games you own.

What are the minimum requirements?

You can use any Nvidia supported device to access GeForce Now. These devices are Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Shield TV and Chromebook devices.

The minimum specs for a PC are DirectX 9 and 64 bit OS. Whereas for Android, it’s 2 GB ram and Android Lollipop. Don’t worry, unless you have an ancient device, GeForce Now will work just fine.

Along with them Nvidia recommends 50 Mbit/s Internet connection for 1080p/60fps. You can also get away with using 25 Mbit/s for streaming at 720p/60fps. Even an average speed of 10 Mbit/s will get you 720p/30fps.

What are the features of GeForce Now?

Some of the key features are Highlights, Ansel and Freestyle. Let’s learn more about these features:-

  • Highlights- It is used for automatically capturing notable gameplay moments from your favorite titles.
  • Freestyle- This feature enables the user to apply different filters to their games. It’s a good add-on for some users.
  • Ansel- This was a long awaited feature for GeForce Now. This is a capture tool to record your gameplay.

Is Nvidia GeForce Now free?

The answer is both Yes and No. There are two plans which Nvidia currently offers to its users. A free plan and a paid one. The free plan is great for casual gamers as it provides standard access and each session lasts for an hour.

The paid plan offers priority access and each session lasts for 6 hours. This plan starts at 24.95$ for six months which equals to a little over 4$.

This is great for users with old low spec PC’s who want to play their newly-released favorite titles. In my opinion, the pricing is quite reasonable.

As building a reasonably good gaming PC, even on the lower end will cost you about 400$-500$.

Just how good is GeForce Now?

I would say it’s pretty good if you have a stable Internet connection. Granted that GeForce Now is not perfect. However, this can be ignored because it is still a great cloud gaming platform.

At the end of the day, the only limiting factor would be your Internet connection. You can enjoy a very smooth gaming experience for the most part.

You will only notice slight hiccups when your connection drops. But that’s pretty common when you are streaming games to your device through a remote server.

Which games can I play through GeForce Now?

As of writing this article, there are over 2000 games available to play through GeForce Now. The catalogue of game titles keeps on expanding. Although, few game publishers still do not allow their games to be streamed for various reasons.

But as time progresses, more and more popular titles become available for GeForce Now users. But remember, you can only play the games you have already purchased.

GeForce Now does not give out free games. You have to buy them separately or play the ones you already own.

Should I get GeForce Now or Build a PC?

It depends. And I know this might not be the answer you were hoping for but hear me out. Like I said, it depends on a lot of different factors.

If your Internet connection is poor and you play only single person games, GeForce Now might not be for you. Similarly, if you do not like the appeal of cloud gaming or you have been saving up for a PC, this might not be an ideal choice for you.

On the other hand, if you have wanted to try cloud gaming, now is the perfect time to join GeForce Now. You can experience it for yourself, what cloud-gaming is all about.


Before wrapping this up, let’s talk about a few things. GeForce Now delivers what it promises. The only caveat is that you have to have a good Internet connection.

Or else you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the complete experience of Nvidia’s GeForce Now. If this sounds like a major inconvenience to you, you can always opt for a PC instead.

Because as I said, it’s all about an Individual’s preference. You can try out with the free plan of GeForce Now and decide later if you should spend more for the paid plan.

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