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Best Android Apps For Learning Languages

Sometimes, you feel like learning a new language but stop midway due to several reasons. Today, we bring some of the best Android apps which will help you to learn your language of choice.

In this list, we have picked five different applications which will ease the process of learning a new language. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the article.


We are starting off this list with the mention of Duolingo. Duolingo has a list of 30 languages which you can learn at your own convenience.

The app feels like it is more geared towards non-native English speakers at first. But the inclusion of other languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French and many more makes the app a lot more diverse.

The Duolingo app serves its purpose by making the lessons more fun for learners. The lessons and exercises are turned into small mini-games which help the user to continue their quest to learn a new language.

Duolingo claims that 34 hours spent on the app is equivalent to a University semester. I can’t say for sure how valid the claim is but the app itself is great to get started.

To get started, Users can select a goal level which ranges from Casual and goes all the way up to Insane. Users can also track their progress by looking at their achievements in the Duolingo app.

To top it off, Duolingo is a free app with the inclusion of a pro variant named Duo Plus. If you are still not sure about using Duolingo, take a look at the plethora of positive reviews on the Play Store and then decide.


The first thing which comes to mind when looking at Memrise is its name. Memrise is a play on the word Memorize which explains pretty accurately what Memrise does.

This app has been received well by the users and the critics alike. At the time of writing this article, there are over 20 languages which can be learnt through Memrise.

Memrise has a group of native speakers and experts for each language who collaborate to create courses designed for the users. It includes a unique approach which makes the learning process a lot easier for the users.

The app boasts a user base of over 50 million learners. There are fun games and video clips from native speakers for any particular language.

Along with the video clips, there are also numerous audio clips which are not auto-generated but recorded by native speakers themselves.

The app itself is free but there is a catch. To access the complete library of courses, you will need to get a subscription.

Although the free version will be enough for a lot of users, if you want to support the developers, you can surely consider getting a subscription for yourself.


Cake app is another well known application for passionate language learners. The best part about this app is that it is completely free.

The app works by providing its users with a list of curated videos for learning English which gets updated regularly. There is an option built into the app which simulates conversations with native speakers.

Cake app can also check your pronunciation and provide valuable feedback. The app says that they can do this by using their AI speech recognition.

In the recent update, Cake app has also included a Scramble vocal game for its users. A new feature has also been added which will provide recommended expressions within the app.

The app is great for users who are willing to learn or improve their grasp on the English language. However, it would be great if they included other languages as well in the upcoming updates.

Cake app is the only application in this list which is completely free and it is a great resource for a large chunk of people. Although, an inclusion of other languages would be much appreciated but they might do so in the future through an update.


HelloTalk works in a similar manner to the Memrise app. It allows the user to learn new languages by chatting with native speakers.

Chatting with native speakers for learning languages seems to be a recurring theme for a lot of language learning apps. The apps use this method as it is quite effective and gets the job done.

There is a long list of languages available for the users of HelloTalk. The app allows its users to learn languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and many others.

There is a feature named Moments Flow through which you can ask questions regarding several different topics from native speakers.

The app also assists in enhancing your pronunciation and grammar skills of the language you are learning. HelloTalk does this by using a text-to-voice and autocorrect tool which is integrated in the application.

HelloTalk users can also schedule 1 on 1 lessons from qualified tutors on the app for learning purposes. Overall, it is a well crafted app for the purpose of learning new languages or perfecting the languages you are already familiar with.


LingoDeer adapts a completely new way for the purpose of learning languages which will be appreciated by a lot of users. The app offers a well structured path for the purpose of learning a new language.

This app provides a comprehensive grammar guide during the learning process. It also includes voice recordings of native speakers to improve your  pronunciation skills.

A lot of fun to play quizzes are included with the LingoDeer app. Flashcards are also available to review the lessons you have already learnt.

Lessons can also be downloaded on your device and can be viewed offline. This is a very useful functionality for those users who do not have 24/7 access to the Internet.

Like most of the apps in this list, there is also a membership plan for LingoDeer which allows you to access all the courses available on the app. The free version is great for getting started on your quest to master a new language.


We have discussed five different learning apps in this article. All of the apps are free. Although, most of these apps have a paid membership plan to access all the courses and features.

But if you just want to learn a new language, the free version of these apps work well enough in itself. If you are looking for a completely free app, we have also included Cake app which perfectly fits the description.

DuoLingo is another great free app where most of the features are free and only a few features are exclusive for their membership plan. You can try any of these apps from this list and pick the one which caters to your needs.

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